These tarts are amazing. I used a Jack Frost one yesterday and I couldn't believe the quality of it. I wondered if they might have a weak scent but that was not the case. My son actually thought it was too strong and asked me to turn it off before it was melted all the way. Very high quality tarts at an extremely inexpensive price. They are amazing tarts!

Thanks again,


I just went to the flea market last Sat and came across your Gain scented tart. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! It fills the entire room. And it smells just like it. Thank you so much. I just ordered some more from you!!!!


Hi Kim, I love your wax tarts they are awesome smelling , thank you.

Holly Estep

I have been buying tarts for over a year. I love the variety of tarts that you have. I usually can't get to the flea market until Sunday and the place that I usually buy my tarts are all picked over. You are always willing to help me out if you don't have something that I'm looking for.Thanks so much for everything,


I am the gain lover again. Hey and thanks for the extra set of them as well. I was wondering if you could see if you could create the Downy Experimentals MOONLIGHT GARDEN scent with your already awesome tarts. Thank you and have a good day ~Ashley



I bought the Fresh Washed Linen and Gain tarts last sunday and i was so suprised at how good the tarts smelled! They are the BEST tarts that i have found and the price is great!

I love these tarts!! We found them at the flea market last week, and I came home and ordered more!!! They arrived quickly and I am already enjoying them!!! I have figured out that if I put one on top of my dryer with a piece of plastic underneath it, it melts just a little while the dryer is on and makes my laundry room smell great!!! Thanks!!!! Laurie

I was just at Traders World this past weekend and the variety she has is amazing, when I got home I started with Mulled Cider, it smells so good!!!!! She was so fun and friendly I could have stayed all day!!! THANKS!!!

I was so happy when I found these tarts at Trader's World Flea Market!! I had to drive a long way to get these, and Kim is so pleasant and nice, but when I found out that I could purchase them on-line I was so pleased. They are the best!! They are better than candles, because the open design lets the aroma carry all throughout your house, unlike candles where the scent gets trapped in the jar. They smell really good and don't cost as much! My husbands favorite scent is Butt Naked. Thank you Kim! :)

Hello all...I was at a friend's house one day and I smelled this wonderful scent. I was told it was made by a friend and I could see all the scents on line. So I checked it out. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THEM. I even sent some to a friend in philly. They are the best.. Thanks to Kim I can get them when ever I want...LOVE THEM.....Bev

No one else out there has superb tarts like Kim's. I've tried so many and none compare to these! I will ONLY buy from Kim!! EXCELLENT PRODUCT!! Speedy Shipping. Who can ask for more?! I know I can't :-)Thanks Kim!Helene Kramer - Delray Beach, FL

Love them, Love them, Love them, Love them, Love them, Love them. Kim you have outdone any candle or tart I have purchased in the past..you have a returning customer for as long as you are making your tart! Way to go Girl ! We Love You..Jona in KY

I just started using these and I LOVE THEM. My friend brought them to me from Ohio (to Colorado) and I am so happy with the smells. They last so much longer than anything else that I have tried. I couldn't wait to get on the internet to order more. Also I am a smoker and using the tarts gets rid of the smoke smell in my home. They are great!!!! Thanks so much for creating the tarts!!!! Janiece

Hello everyone just wanted to let everyone know that these are the BEST BEST BEST TARTS in the USA you can burn them for hours an still smells like you just lit it. They are amazing!!!!!! I just got the Fizzy pops an it amazing I lit one an my whole house is lit up with that smell!!!!! Thanks Kim see you soon!!!

I have always loved Yankee Coffee tarts, but these are even better!!! The scent is so amazing and long lasting!! These are my new favorite!!!!

It was my first time at traders world when I came acrossed kims tarts. I am a regular tart burner but am really tired of spending so much money, with little fragrance. I purchased Kims Gain tarts and I can honestly say that just one tart filled the air of my entire 2 story house! I am very impressed and I will DEFINITLEY order online! Thanks Kim!

I love Kim's tarts!!! While I wasn't expecting it, I appreciated the little extras with my last shipment. Not only are the tarts strong (for the most part), but no more fighting to remove the wrapper! Any chance of doing a ylang ylang tart?

I bought these tarts for the first time last week, and I absolutely love them. I have already ordered a bunch more and my whole family has asked if they can have these tarts one of the many beautiful tart warmers for Christmas. I love these and I hope you stay around for a long time to come. Thank You! Stephanie

I have been buying tarts from my co-worker who makes them on the side for over a year. I won a tart warmer from you on ebay and you sent a free tart with it which was the best thing you could have done. I could smell that tart for the longest amount of days then my co-workers which only lasted maybe two days. So I went on your website and bought 15 different scents at a great price and will continue buying them from you for now on!!! Thanks so much.

Angela from Maryland

These tarts are awesome. I love tarts, and these are the best. It is great that I can order them on the internet anytime I want them. I can't get enough of them. I have ordered once and I am already getting ready to place another order. Kim has the best selection of scents. I will be a loyal customer. Thanks, Kim for some great smelling tarts. Nancy

I am so glad I found Kim's Tart Candles!! They are the BEST!! My home smells amazing!! The pumpkin spice is one of our favourites!! We are so impressed with the products, packaging and shipping. I have found my place to buy amazing tarts!! They are WONDERFUL!! Tiffany Earl in Pleasant Garden, NC

We absolutely love these tarts. They smell so good and last for a realy long time. They are such a reasonable price too. We will always buy from Kim from now on :o)

I found these tarts online and OMG they are awesome I have ordered over 20 differant scents of tarts already and love em all will denfinately be buying my tarts from Kim from now on..:-) Lisa Housel..Ohio

To all the tart lovers, i know that i have bought tarts from everwhere, from cheap to expensive and never found one that i could truly say i would stick with, i found kims tarts on ebay and as long as she is around i will not go no where else, they are affordable but also i use a half tart at a time in a electric burner and it lasts for good 5-6 days if not longer i know a whole tart lasts almost two weeks, so a bag is over a month, Incredible. Hers are the best !!!!

I must first start of by telling you I burn candle tarts every day. I was a big Yankee Candle buyer - you could imagine the money I spent on candle tarts. I must tell you I was very skeptical that the quality would not compare to Yankee - boy was I wrong! I will continue to purchase your candle tarts and tell all!

Vickie Illinois

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